Barista Thoughts of the Day

My first week working at Cahoots I stuck mostly to the tried and true methods of making coffee for my own consumption.*  But around week two, curiosity got the best of me and I started experimenting. Some lessons were ones in basic taste management: No more than three syrups in an Italian soda,**  chocolate and (insert fruit flavor here) always works, and no matter how good I thought something might be I would make a small taster batch before committing to twenty ounces of potential disaster.

But around week two, curiosity got the best of me and I started experimenting.

Making strange concoctions, sharing ideas, and getting tips from more experienced co-workers. I made some surprisingly discoveries and some truly awful creations which I then proceeded to share. ***

There was a secret menu floating around for a while. Under later consideration a good portion was canned. Tastes change. About a year ago now after working four days at a nerd convention I made the mistake of not getting my Monday shift covered. Walking in like Death warmed over, I grabbed a twenty ounce cup and just filled it with shot after shot, topping it with a little sweetened condensed milk as an afterthought, and jokingly called it the Mosh Pit. It remains my favorite invented drink to date purely because it got me though a very long shift.

There was a sense of satisfaction every time I learned a new technique and performed it capably for the first time. I think for that reason I will always look fondly on that first year.

*  i.e. I would have some coffee with my milk and sugar.
** There are a very few exceptions to this rule.  Mad science with caution!
***  Misery loves company.

Barista Becca
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