Charlie Award for Outstanding Cup of Coffee

Moroccan Mocha

Cahoots Coffee Bar Moroccan Mocha
Moroccan Mocha

“We’re all about this shop’s perfumey and refreshing lavender lemonade in the summer, but as soon as the days get shorter and the nights get chilly, thoughts turn to the Moroccan Mocha from St. Paul artists’ hangout Cahoots Coffee. Beautifully foamy, balanced smack in the middle of bitter and sweet, and extra aromatic thanks to a blend of lingering North African spices, this spicy chocolate drink won the 2012 Charlie Award for outstanding cup of coffee.” – City Pages

Cahoots Coffee Charlie Awards
Cahoots Coffee Bar owner Saed Kakish, holding the Charlie Award.

The awards are named after the legendary restaurant, Charlie’s Café Exceptionale, which was a mainstay in downtown Minneapolis until the 1980s. The Charlie Awards are created to recognize the organizations, businesses and individuals that comprise that our metro area restaurant, food and beverage industry to ensure a diverse, vibrant and creative lifestyle and economy.


Recipient of the Golden Cup Award, for commitment to quality and proven ability to brew coffee according to the standards prescribed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Recipient of the Saint Paul Neighborhood Honor Roll, in appreciation of outstanding contributions to the quality of life in the neighborhood, as recognized by the District 13 Community Council – Snelling Hamline.