A great day starts with coffee from Cahoots Coffee Bar!
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Daily Brewed Coffee
Dark / Medium / Flavored / Decaf available
Brewed, Au-Lait, Caffe Latté, Cappuccino, Mocha (White, Turtle), Americano, Brevé, Macchiato, Espresso
Extras: Flavor Syrups | Soy-Almond-Cashew Milk | Sweetened Condensed Milk

Fresh local roasted coffee beans are available for purchase. Mostly Organic Fair Trade!

New Seasonal Favorites

The story of coffee is a fascinating journey around the world. Originally, the word mocha was used to describe very high quality coffee that was shipped out of the Arabian port of Mocha (المخا‎ al-Mukhā) at the entrance of the Red Sea. The highland region of Yemen was known for its very high quality coffee. Nowadays, mocha refers to coffee flavored with chocolate. Try one of our new mocha flavors:

  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Raspberry White Mocha
  • Mexican Mocha – with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, very warming with a zing! La Moca Mexicana – con la pimienta de cayena y canela, te mantiene calientito con un gran sabor.
  • Coconut Mocha
  • Almond White Mocha
  • Hazelnut Turtle Mocha

Don’t forget our specialty: Lavender White Mocha – see review in The Mac Weekly!

Food Items Available

Mediterranean Platter ~ Stuffed Grape Leaves ~ Hummus Plate ~ Soups ~ Quiche Fresh bakery items, Greek Yoghurt, Sandwiches, Juice and other beverages are also available.

Cahoots Specialties
The Slosh | Turkish Coffee | Moroccan Coffee (Au-Lait, Latté, Mocha) | Lavender White Mocha |Thai Coffee | Moroccan Mocha | Chai Tea (Authentic, Honey Vanilla, Spicy Ginger) | Hot Chocolate | Steamers | Kid Chocolate | Italian/French Soda

Tea – Cups or Teapots
Red Tea Espresso: Cappuccino, Latté, Americano
Chai Tea: Authentic, Honey Vanilla, Spicy Ginger, Decaf
Loose Leaf Tea: Many varieties available

Cold Ginger, Mint and Turmeric Infusion Apple Juice, made locally from Minnesota apples by Panache!

Ice Cream
Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream and Fruit Smoothies
Single | Double | Sundae
Ice Cream Latté – special coffee treat!
Rocky Road
Mint Chocolate Chip