Inspirational Chinese musician Bone Lhamo Kyap speaks about nature, love and connection to universal spirit:

Bring a little more Spirit, Wisdom, Feeling, Love & Balance into this World, where everybody should live and bloom in Peace.

A few music selections to enjoy with your coffee or tea:

‘Rise” album by sitar musician Anoushka Shankar

Norah Jones, live in New Orleans

Bossa Nova Jazz mix

Bone Lhamo Kyap – Hua’er, The Distant Sound (Modified from traditional Tao Min Hua’er Folk Songs)

Afternoons from Brazil, Bossa Nova Fusion

Sona Jobarteh & Band – Kora music from West Africa

Wave album by Antonio Carlos Jobim, 1969

Chinese musician Bone Lhamo Kyap – Long Long Time Ago

Sitar musician Anoushka Shankar – “Traveller”

English afro-folk-pop ensemble The Melodic‘s debut album “Effra Parade”

Synthpop duo Finesse‘s new track release, ” Into the Night” featuring one of Cahoot’s own baristas! Support your local artists.


Mongolian folk song ‘The Nights of Ulaanbaatar’ performed by Chinese Folk & Punk Rock band Hanggai (杭蓋樂隊) from Beijing, named ‘Ulanbator Nights’ in their album Baifang (2014). The word ‘hanggai’ is Mongolian, describing an idyllic natural landscape of grasslands, mountains, trees, rivers and blue skies.

Le Trio Joubran of Palestine

MADE – 2016 full album by BigBang of South Korea

Come Touch the Sun, album by Mo’ Horizons, 1999

Traditional Bedouin Music in the desert of Wadi Rum (Jordan)