Our Baristas


Saed Kakish (Owner)

Welcome to Cahoots Coffee Bar! I became captain of this wonderful ship on Halloween of 1997. How time flies! Cahoots is recognized as a culturally diverse community place to gather for coffee, dialogue or the quiet pursuit of your own work in a supportive environment. As owner, I strive to bring you the best products possible. One visit here and you’re likely to feel right at home! Read more about Saed & the history of Cahoots.  Saed recommends the “Moroccan Mocha”.


Josh  There is no photographic evidence to prove that Josh exists, but if you come into Cahoots Coffee Bar at certain times, you may find the mythological barista at work. 你好。nĭhăo.  Josh recommends ‘The Slosh’.


Nathan  An avid film fan of “The Good, the Bad and the Weird,” Nathan enjoys anime and manga. A down to earth fun jokester, he likes to listen to not only bossa nova but all kinds of music. Nathan recommends the ‘Darjeeling Milk Tea’.


Rebecca  A fangirl writer and incompetent comedian, Rebecca recommends you try what is lovingly called the ‘Moshpit’, and should be ignored for your own health and safety. If you want to see the sun shine, just catch a Rebecca smile!


Jeff has been coming to Cahoots long before he worked here. He is a local musician, recent college graduate, and a fan of anything and everything 1980’s. Jeff recommends our African medium roast beans in the morning, and our Turkish Coffee for the afternoon or evening.


Ben is a student at Macalester College where he studies physics. He enjoys the outdoors, especially long distance hiking and playing table top games. Ben recommends the ‘Iced Thai’ coffee.


Bobby is a student at Hill-Murray. In his free time, he loves fantasy books, 80’s music and roleplaying games. Bobby recommends the ‘Turtle Mocha’ coffee.