Article in The Mac Weekly:
Cahoots Coffee Bar: A Mac-Groveland Classic with New Flavors
By Anna Hestad, February 22, 2018

Photo Credit: Anna Hestad

5/5 Stars: for down to earth atmosphere, endorsement from locals and ability to infuse a drink with the comforts of home.

This place has clearly endeared itself to the Mac-Groveland neighborhood. While searching for an outlet with which to type the paper I should have written the day before, I struck up a conversation with Sharon, who has been a loyal Cahoots customer for 22 years. She told me there is a similar coffee shop closer to her house, but she prefers to come here because she has become friends with the owner over the past 20 years. Since she has been coming here longer than I have been alive, and longer than the current owner has owned the place, I asked Sharon what drink she recommended. She told me the cold brew here is unlike cold brew anywhere else.

The cold brew did indeed live up to Sharon’s recommendation. However, the drink that stole the show was the Lavender White Mocha. The owner served it hot and on the house, enthusiastic to share a drink that he felt was a unique representation of Cahoots. His passion for coffee and his relationships with his customers are definitely part of the Cahoots experience, and the Lavender White Mocha left its mark on my heart.

There is no other way to describe this drink than the feeling you get when you see your porch light in the distance while walking home through the Minnesota cold. Upon taking that first sip you can almost feel yourself stepping onto your porch, sheltered from the bone-chilling winds and filled with the relief of being home at last. The second sip takes you one step further. Now you are inside, possibly curled up on the couch with a good book, and maybe a cat who is also curled up with a good book. Probably a mystery novel. And just maybe you can feel the warmth of a fireplace in your house that has none, or hear an endeared loved one bustling about in the kitchen. Whatever your definition of home and the emotional exhale that accompanies it, you can be found in a lovely escape from the cold February winds served up hot in a decorative mug.

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Article in City Pages:
Squash, maple, marshmallow: Skip the PSL and sip these seasonal drinks instead
By Theresa Beckhusen, October 11, 2017

Yes, you can also get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Cahoots Coffee. But if you feel like being less #basic, go for the Moroccan Mocha. With whole milk. There’s no pumpkin, but it’s rich, it’s warming, and it’s spicy. The foam on top is a dream, drizzled with a zigzag of chocolate syrup, and after a few sips, your mouth takes on a pleasant tingle thanks to cardamom and other spices. If you like Mexican-style chocolate with a little kick of chili powder, you’ll love this coffee.

Article in Twin Cities Pioneer Press: 5 awesome St-Paul Area coffee shops
By Jess Fleming, August 30, 2017

The eclectic Mediterranean decor at Cahoots, just off the booming Selby and Snelling intersection, totally fits the drink menu, which includes a whole spate of flavored teas, many available iced, and a global coffee menu. Drink a Thai, Turkish or Moroccan coffee, or their signature drink, the spiced, aromatic Moroccan Mocha.

Article in Hamline University’s The Oracle:
Cocoa beans, coffee dreams, Cahoots it seems – Cahoots Coffee Bar is friendly to all By Elise Christiansen, December 14, 2016

Cahoots-Elise Christianson-The Oracle
Photo Credit: Elise Christensen | The Oracle

Filled with a diverse array of customers and sporting many crafts for sale along the walls and counters, Cahoots Coffee Bar is all about community when it comes to coffee. Saed Kakish, owner of the coffee shop, took over the place on Halloween of 1997. It formerly belonged to a woman named Judith who decided that she wanted to sell the place. “I used to actually be a customer here,” Kakish said. “I used to come and study and somehow it landed in my lap.” However, when he took over, Kakish had a little help in making decisions in terms of redecorating and making the place his own. “I [remodeled] by getting feedback from customers and having the customers in on it,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that [customers] felt like a part of the community.” Macalester senior Sally French also mentioned that there is a sense of community among the workers and the customers. “I feel very much a part of something when I’m here,” she said. Both Kakish and French mentioned that there is low turnaround with the baristas, so it is easy to see “familiar faces.” The variety in the menu allows customers to step out of their comfort zones with items that they might not be able to try elsewhere, such as a Moroccan Mocha or a Turkish Coffee. “[The shop has] sort of turned into this international flavor,” Kakish said. Customer Dave Barta usually only orders a plain coffee, but he mentioned the atmosphere as being “busy” as many people study or do work while there. The diverse array of customers range from students to professors to retired people according to Kakish. “That’s what makes it unique,” he said. “It’s a true community place.” Coffee is not the only item that the shop serves, they also serve a variety of ice cream, teas, juices and food. In regards to food, French usually orders the Hummus Plate and enjoys that she can get food along with the coffee shop feel. “[I can] sit and do homework and also get something to eat,” she said. Other menu items include the Mediterranean Platter and a German Sausage Potato in addition to soups and chili. Cahoots Coffee Bar has also received the Charlie Award for their Moroccan Mocha, a coffee filled with chocolate and African spices. The Charlies are awards for “celebrating the exceptional contributions of the Twin Cities food and beverage industry,” according to their website. Similar to other coffee shops, Cahoots has free Wi-Fi and patio seating, but Kakish thinks that they are still unique with all of the other work that has been put into building the atmosphere. “Just having a Starbucks on the corner, we needed to have something totally unique and different to survive a Starbucks,” he said.

Article in City Pages: 10 hidden-gem coffee shops you need to know about
By Stacy Brooks, March 30, 2016

Cahoots Coffee Bar is a sprawling Middle Eastern-style coffee house that feels like a cozy bazaar, with rugs hanging from the walls and a jumble of silk scarves, soaps, and pottery for sale. The mismatched chairs give the shop a comfortable, lived-in feel, and owner Saed and his friendly staff make you feel like you’re at home — only with better coffee. There’s never any rush to move along, thanks to a tucked-away patio and an expansive back room that provide plenty of space to settle in.  One of the shop’s many specialties is Turkish coffee, seasoned with a house blend of spices. It’s strong but smooth, meant to be savored rather than gulped. There’s also a lovely mocha made with lavender-infused white chocolate, lavender lemonade during the warmer months, and an extensive selection of loose-leaf teas. But the signature beverage is the award-winning Moroccan mocha, flavored with a heavy dose of cardamom and cinnamon and a subtle hint of chocolate. Pair it with a plate of baba ganoush or hummus, and your coffee break will seem thousands of miles away from a storefront on Selby.

Article in City Pages: Top 5 late-night coffee shops in St. Paul
By Tatiana Craine, October 3, 2013

Little ol’ Cahoots faces a lot of competition in the Selby-Snelling area – from the local Neighborhood Cafe to the coffee giant Starbucks just across the street.  Nevertheless, this is one of the best spots in the city to settle in and tap away on that laptop.  There’s plenty of seating indoors, but if you need a breath of fresh air, you can watch the sun set and the stars come out in the courtyard, a quiet, brick-and-ivy-covered area with tables galore. Filled with locals, students, professors, and everyone in between, Cahoots is the place you go when you want to knock out your to-do list over a cuppa java without all the nonsense of ultra-trendy coffeehouses.

Article in City Pages: Top 5 winter warmup drinks
By Emily Weiss, December 17, 2012

Moroccan Mocha • We’re all about this shop’s perfumey and refreshing lavender lemonade in the summer, but as soon as the days get shorter and the nights get chilly, thoughts turn to the Moroccan Mocha from St. Paul artists’ hangout Cahoots Coffee. Beautifully foamy, balanced smack in the middle of bitter and sweet, and extra aromatic thanks to a blend of lingering North African spices, this spicy chocolate drink won the 2012 Charlie Award for outstanding cup of coffee.

Article in The Heavy Table: Cahoots Coffee Bar in Merriam Park
By Eric Faust, February 9, 2009

Cahoots-KatieCannon-Heavy Table
Photo Credit: Katie Cannon | Heavy Table

Four doors east of O’Garas in St. Paul you can get a taste of the Middle East at Cahoots Coffee Bar, where vines fill the windows and intricately woven rugs adorn the walls. Using coffee from B&W Specialty Coffee Co., Cahoots offers a specialty menu of unique Middle Eastern coffee drinks. The menu includes Thai coffee, Turkish coffee and Moroccan coffee made with a custom blend of spices that the owner, native Jordanian Saed Kakish, roasts. The Turkish coffee is made to order in a small pot called an ibrik; it’s a blend of finely ground coffee, fresh roasted cardamom and sugar. The pot is brought to a boil and gently stirred, to blend each of the ingredients. The Moroccan coffee is one of Saed’s secrets, featuring over twenty different spices including rose petals. The bakery case falls in line with the theme, offering unusual bakery items like cardamom cookies. The unique smells and spices make this one of the few authentic Middle Eastern cafes in St. Paul. Less than a mile away on Grand Avenue Shish Café raises the bar for Cahoots, also offering Turkish coffee. The coffee at Shish is roasted lighter, but is still made with sugar and roasted cardamom. The amount of coffee, cardamom and sugar used reflect a taste that each owner has developed over time. For the owners it is a battle for the best, but for those looking for the finest Turkish coffee in town, it is only getting better.